Questionnaires for School Improvement

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Questionnaires for School Improvement is based on a six term cycle that aims to investigate the needs, expectations, and perspectives of all the stakeholders of the school regarding the services that a school offers.

Questionnaires for School Improvement contains 40 questionnaires that are simple to administer, easy to analyse, and quick to complete and cover a whole range of topics such as:

  • Safeguarding and school security
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Key skills
  • The quality of teaching and lessons
  • The wellbeing of pupils and school personnel
  • School meals
  • Breakfast and after school clubs
  • Parent-teacher consultations
  • School leadership
  • New parents
  • The role of the governors
  • The views of members of the local community

All the questionnaires and the suggested six term cycle in this product can be modified to the individual circumstances and needs of any school.

Click here to download the Questionnaires for School Improvement Contents document.