Managing Headteacher Workload

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A great deal has been said about reducing teachers workload but what about the workload of headteachers – what is being done for them!

As a headteacher, planning and managing your workload is an essential skill that can have a wide effect on your school as there are many different competing demands and challenges on your time.

Managing Headteacher Workload provides a systematic approach, using proven planning and time management techniques, to effectively plan and manage your workload by:

  • identifying and prioritising essential leadership and management tasks that need to be addressed over the school year and then;
  • prioritising these tasks into term, week and day.

Managing Headteacher Workload contains a wealth of management support material that covers 33 leadership and management areas over the school year including:

  Action Plans  Audit Sheets   Checklists   Day Planners   Evaluation Sheets   Improvement Plans

 Information Sheets   Questionnaires  Report Forms  Safe Operating Systems  School Event Planners

Spreadsheets  SWOT Analyses  System Flow Charts  Term Planners  Time Management Sheets

Timetables  Week Planners  Year Planners

Effective planning and management of your workload facilitates a better work life balance, reduces stress, makes you feel more in control, enables better relationships with your colleagues, allows you to consider introducing new initiatives and finally it allows you to be more flexible in your role as headteacher.

We believe Managing Headteacher Workload will help you in achieving all this.

Click here to download the Managing Headteacher Workload Contents document.