Resources for Headteachers

providing support and guidance material to all current and aspiring headteachers that combines successful business management techniques with
school management practices.

Managing Headteacher Workload

contains a wealth of management support material that covers 33 leadership
and management areas providing a systematic approach, using proven planning and
time management techniques, to effectively plan and manage workload.


School Risk Assessments

contains 182 school risk assessments that will enable schools to not only determine
where they do not comply with legislation, in the event of a serious accident or perhaps prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) the Risk Assessment can be used
as evidence for defence.


Helping headteachers and senior leaders manage their workload

All headteachers know that planning and managing their workload is an essential skill that can have a wide effect on their school.  At a time when schools are experiencing staff shortages, pupil population increases and frequent changes in governmental policies, it is proving to be increasingly difficult for school leaders to not only manage their workload effectively but also that of their staff.

Resources for Headteachers provides a wealth of ready-to-use management support material, written by experienced educationalists, that are designed to cater for the day to day management needs of any school leader.

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Resources for Headteachers combines successful business management techniques with school management
practices that provide support and guidance to all current and aspiring headteachers.